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The Shorter, The Betta.

I’ve heard that every single word found in the dictionary is an owned domain name (I’m not going to double check this stat) , and around 80% of 2 word domains are taken too (some can still be purchased, for a higher price).  It’s obvious that people have short-lasting memories, so the smaller your name is to remember, the better!

- This means if your business is Nancy Drew Detective Services Inc, your web domain does NOT need to be


Common Rule of Thumb : 4 Syllables or less

If you’re using more, think about trying abbreviations or less relevant keywords, for better flow. Try out various combination’s and look at them 12-24 hours later.

Nancy Drew Detective Services =


Rhyming Works!

People remember catchy things, no matter what it brings!  If you can rhyme with a couple word phrase, or a combination of business name + service (initials are great!) you are 3-6 times more likely to be immediately repeated in someones head. (I read that once, I swear)


You don’t need a .com

Think of using a .ca, .org, .is, to keep the best phrase you can. Most common domain search engines show you alternatives. is great for this.

*By supporting .ca you are a member of the Canadian Domain Registry which has a great reputation and prides itself on on the success of Canadian Entrepreneurs. They have competitions, email newsletters and online forums as well.


You don’t have to have a keyword! (though one is always nice)

While keywords in your domain are super for Google and SEO, it’s getting near impossible these days, not just for you. Google looks at 40-100 other criteria in your website to determine your searchability, highest on the list being your traffic flow.  (which comes from people wanting to search your website!)


Think of how your website is going to be found

Do your main referral sources accompany other information about your business? Visualizing where your web address will be written can help in remaining subjective, think of yourself as the general public here!

Most common sources of business : (in no particular order)
• Business Card
• Referral (verbal, in person)
• Referral (direct URL link via email, facebook, twitter, linkedin, other indexing sites)
• Poster, brochure, print material (a mix between verbal and direct link)
• Google Search
• Take Away info from Speaking or Event Hosting


If you are struggling with your domain name, or know of a funny experience with one, please let us know and comment below!


Write lists. Use bookmarks. Have documents in your google account.

Seriously, if a thought comes make sure you have a way to remember it! As your business grows so will your to-do lists, so getting in the habit of taking notes and setting reminders now will be a life-saver later. I have anywhere from 2 to 25 reminders in my blackberry go off a day. From groceries to get and people to email to a blurb I heard on the radio to look up later. It all needs to get stored somewhere so this brain can focus on the task at hand!


Track your time.

If you’ve never tried time-tracking before, oh man is it going to rattle you! For a couple of days, try writing down everything you do in 15 minute increments. This can be a real eye opener for those who wonder ‘where does the day go’, or for those who spend more time researching than actually getting the job done. I’d recommend doing it for a week or so, without becoming too obsessed. After that take an evening to really look at where your time is spent, and adjust your next weeks schedule to be a bit more realistic. (1 hour on business card design that was actually 3.5 means next time I scheduled 2.5 hours and did not allow myself to go over)


Know when you work best.

And try to fit that into the real-world schedule. Maybe you’re not an early riser, maybe your inspiration comes later in the evening. That’s okay, but make sure you’re scheduling out the amount of time you need, without interruptions. Ex., if you work great in the evenings, do not start texting with someone 30 times because they are not at work anymore, make your status away and focus!


Eating well, all day long.

This may not fall into something you can handle, or even want to, but it’s about time you realize that YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT (gosh darnit). The better nutrients you give yourself the more energized, on task and better at your job you will be. I was well aware of the power of eating long before I started on my own, but nourishing myself is one of my greatest business assets. Have a smoothie in the morning, try and curve coffee addictions with alternatives (just go to David’s Tea and ask for something to keep you alert!). At the very least eat 3 square meals a day! (Skipping lunch to get something done 3 days a week will only slow you down in the long-run, consider nourishing yourself as part of your long-term business plan!)

For help on how to eat right check out what these amazing nutritionists are doing! – The Living Kitchen Wellness Group, Tara Miller Nutrition, Shannon Kadlovski


Take a look at your surroundings.

Where do you find yourself every day? At home? A coffee shop? Somewhere in between? If you are reading this and feel like you need a little spark in your entrepreneurial step, a change in scenery might be a good place to start! Take a day to re-organize things the way you want them, try a library instead of Starbucks, try a small coffee shop instead of a big one.

If you feel bored or that you need to leave your house at the end of the ‘day’, maybe look into office space? Get a wifi-finder app for your phone and see what other options there are, or look into coworking in your local city. If you haven’t heard of coworking before I suggest you google the word + your city right now and see what you get. I found kowork London a few months back and it’s been a serious game-changer!

  1. I get to know people. The best and smoothest relationships exist when you can start to know what the other is thinking, or at least feel confident enough to guess. As time goes on and first try’s become normal, you can’t help but feel a little joy inside.
  2. My job loves me! I don’t know why but since I’ve been designing things for other people things have just felt right! Realistically, 1.8% of things have gone wrong since I started designing, but 98.2% of the time my job is amazing.
  3. I get to cook! With no set ‘hours’ life can be filled with work, and work with life! I generally know that the evenings will go into the later hours, so taking a few hours here and there throughout the day to cook, nourish, play with food and not look at a computer screen is … awesome.
  4. I get to see beautiful things that other people are doing/saying every day, and it’s part of my j-o-b!
  5. It works my brain – like too much sometimes. Daily mathematics, physical movement (I wear weights around my wrists, obviously),  lots of visual cognition (matching up colours, feeling what a new screen can look like to someone for the first time, scanning through shapes of fonts like they were shapely women, reading and re-reading emails), and sometimes way more!
  6. The possibilities! Accessibility Design! Sustainable Design! Environmental/Signage Design! Everything is designed, and each project is a new way to get involved
  7. If people don’t know, they do NOT know what I do.
    This is what your entire world on the web stands on. This insane, synthetic web of human-created insanity. It’s nuts and, well, I kind of get it. I can’t imagine what someone who has no idea must think.

i love my job