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the more things you see, hear, taste, and feel the more inspired you will be!

So here’s some things that inspire me, for a plethora of reasons :

(updated regularly)

personal website inspiration


ecoki - the eco-lifestyle community


papercut - web and branding - simplicity at it's best!

rabiscaria - for it's awesomeness

rabiscaria - for it's awesomeness

sahar design

sahar design - similar company, great website!

graphic and web design inspiration

wooden business cards

beautiful wooden business card press found on etsy

san francisco paper cut out

Ridiculous Paper Cut out by Julene

infographic what happens on the internet in 60 seconds

Every 60s on the internet, THIS happens!

ocean life depleted 90% since 1950 spray paint tool

Adjustable Pie Chart Tool - seems like a neat grade 5 project! (with something a bit less harmful than spraypaint maybe!)

infographic of distractions

Great Infographic on Hierarchy of Digital Distractions

aquaduct clean water bicycle

Aquaduct Concept Bicycle - Designed to sanitize and transport water simaultaneously

reverse inspiration

*Reverse inspiration is based on the concept of reverse psychology, where something bad in turn inspires something good!

alberta tar sands

The destruction of the majestic and expansive Boreal Forest by the Tar Sands in Northern Alberta. It's path of destruction harms our great fresh water sources, and the communities which live down stream.