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Web Design

basic web presence/blog
ecommerce/event management
custom wordpress themes
html, css3, PHP

Print Design

logo and branding
business cards
posters and
creative print design

Misc. Design

email newsletters
facebook/twitter/youtube pages
signage, trade show displays



  • Design services can vary depending on the project, but generally go by hourly rate of $75. The amount of time to create a logo can range from 3-20 hours, with set pricing available. Each project is treated a little differently depending on what stage you are at (sketch, re-design, from scratch). Contact for a quote or to find out more informaiton
  • Print fees vary depending on project, paper stock & quantity. Contact for a quote.

    View PRINT portfolio for a selection of papers


  • Websites - Varied pricing depending on project. If you know the web, or don’t know the web, you know that it’s complex. It is HIGHLY recommend you create a Business Plan before starting your web process, or contacting a web developer.

    Here are a list of potential components of a website:

    • Blog
    • Slideshow (with text/without)
    • Video feed
    • Image gallery (embedded or pulled from database like flickr, instagram, pinterest, vimeo, google feed, etc.!)
    • Contact/questionnaire forms
    • Online Sales/e-commerce (ebooks, shippable products, memberships)
    • Event Management (rsvp, ticketed, registration confirmation, etc.)
    • Very SEO specific (plugins+optimized to the 9’s)

    Contact for a quote and we’ll discuss your project!



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